Saturday, 11/24 HOLIDAY Studio Mini Sessions


Saturday, 11/24 HOLIDAY Studio Mini Sessions


-UPDATE!- We’ve added another day of our Holiday Mini Sessions!

AW SHOOT! Did you forget to book your fall family session, and now it’s too late? The trees look all spooky, it’s really freaking cold outside, and you can’t imagine not sending out Christmas cards? Even more- maybe you have a newborn, toddler, (or husband) who will lose their minds if you make them sit through another family photo shoot. Well, whaddya know! We have the solution to ALL of your problems! Ok, maybe not all of them… but the family photo thing, we can help with. We reward procrastination by bringing you the quickest, warmest, and easiest way to get cute holiday photos without breaking the bank or needing therapy afterward.

$150 will get you:

30 minute session
2 Different holidayish scenes!
30 minute ordering session immediately following- so you get to see your photos right away and have the option of purchasing prints, albums, holiday cards, and gifts!
AND a $100 product credit which is enough to walk away with some digital files if that’s all you want.

Happy Holidays from Ampersand Studios!

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